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Aquaponics is a process of raising a living aquatic animal (fish, shrimp, duck, etc) in order supply the nutrient level capable of growing fruits and vegetable. The animal is fed, the waste water is filtered, the bacteria convert the filtered water into nutrient enriched formula that the plants then drink up in order to grow. During the uptake of the nutrient water, the plants are also cleaning the water in order to send it back to the original animal tanks. Then the process starts all over.

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Grow Bed
Above: After the water has been filtered it comes to the grow beds where the plants use the nutrients to grow and clean the water at the same time.

Below: The main "fish" room. Ten (10) 1,200 gallon fish tanks along with their corresponding filtering systems. The fish eat, wastes are filtered, filtered water is converted by bacteria to nutrient rich water and then heads to the greenhouse for the plants.

Our mission statement:

To produce clean, pure, fresh and naturally nutritious food that is not only good for you, but tastes good as well!!

Aquaponics is the future of food growth for the world!

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